By Dan Leary – Vice President, Products, Solutions and Alliances

Flash data storage is rapidly emerging as an integral component across corporate data centers and cloud service providers, so enterprise IT buyers have shifted their focus from flash itself to the storage management software that optimizes and protects their data and applications.

Today’s new release of the Nimble OS is packed with new enterprise capabilities, including three that focus on what enterprise customers have been telling us are among their top concerns:

  • Flexibility – IT departments today are tasked with supporting hundreds, or even thousands of apps and workloads, all with varying performance and capacity requirements. The Nimble Adaptive Flash platform now supports all-flash service levels, providing predictable SSD (solid state drive) performance without the costs and other constraints of flash-only arrays. Now you can select which workloads and volumes require all-flash performance, and you can change them on the fly as requirements change.
  • Security – Many of our customers are in industries that are highly security oriented – healthcare, financial services, government, and data service providers, among others. Our new SmartSecure software encryption provides them robust security at no incremental cost, with just a simple software upgrade. Encryption and shredding can be enabled on a per-application or per-volume basis, which should prove especially important for compliance and sensitive data environments, as well as for cloud service providers.
  • Control – Most Nimble Storage customers rely on virtualization, with many of them running VMware’s vCenter. InfoSight, which is included free with all Nimble arrays, now lets you monitor your arrays right down to the individual VM (virtual machine) level. Instead of randomly throwing money at every component in the data center, the customer can now spend only where it really matters, gaining maximum performance improvement at minimal cost. This provides our customers with an unprecedented level of visibility and control over their storage infrastructure.

To exemplify how these new capabilities help address strategic IT challenges, we’re publishing a series of posts here on the Nimble Storage corporate blog over the next few days:

Today: All-Flash Service Levels

July 16: Encryption at Rest

July 17: Empowering API Extensability

In addition, a group of Nimble’s systems engineers have written blog posts exploring aspects of the new release in more technical detail. We’re publishing these in the NimbleConnect community, the forum where our customers and channel partners share their best Nimble tips and tricks.

Here’s the complete schedule:

Today: Implementing All-Flash Service Levels

July 16: SCVMM Integration

July 17: vSphere Web Client Plugin Integration

July 20: Microsoft Windows Hotfix Checker for Nimble Windows Toolkit

July 21: Nimble’s New REST APIs for Automation

July 22: Enterprise MIB Enhancements

July 23: Implementing SmartSecure Encryption at Rest

July 24: SMTP Email Authentication Tweaks

July 27: ODX in Microsoft Windows

July 28: Audit Log

July 29: Enhanced Searching, Sorting, and Filtering

July 30: Restore Workflow Automation for Snapshots

July 31: The New CS235 Platform

The release of Nimble OS2.3 extends Nimble Storage’s proven track record of continuous innovation and customer focus. We’re excited about bringing such a rich set of new capabilities to the enterprise data storage market.