Our in-house Oracle guru, Tom Dau, has achieved over 1M TPM (one million transactions per minute) using the Hammerora TPC-C workload against a single Nimble Storage CS440G … and he’s just getting warmed up.

One cool thing about this result is that our cost-effective, high-performance hybrid was used for both redo logs and data. This allows DBAs to snapshot and replicate consistent database images for DR (disaster recovery) and rollback.

Here’s Tom, demonstrating mind-boggling techniques for DBAs everywhere.

For this test run, Tom used a single two-socket, sixteen core blade server, and a single CS440G over 2X10gigE links using DM multipath for Oracle ASM. He’s already lined up a bunch more configs to test, and the array still has plenty of headroom to play with. So we’ll see what Tom comes up with in the coming weeks.

Tom’s a big fan of real-world benchmarks – that’s why he insisted on maintaining great latencies (3ms log file sync through AWR) and following Nimble best practices during these test runs. As a result, we feel comfortable Oracle DBAs can trust Nimble to deliver amazing performance in their production environments.

We used some cool new InfoSight-based performance optimization tools to help us identify and clear out a few bottlenecks. These tools will be available directly to customers in an InfoSight release due out later in the year… in the meanime, we are already using them in support to help our customers get the most from their Nimble gear.

We will continue to update this blog with more details and results from the Oracle side, as well as more information on what we’re cooking up for performance junkies in upcoming versions of InfoSight.

Until then, here’s some Hammerora screen candy from the middle of one of the test runs, courtesy of Tom – the 15-minute average for the full test run was ~1.03M TPM.

Here’s some Hammerora screen candy from the middle of one of the test runs, courtesy of Tom.
The 15-minute average for the full test run was ~1.03M TPM.

Hammerora Settings:

  • No think & key time
  • 200,000 transactions per virtual user
  • 105 virtual users
  • 15-minute test run with 2 min ramp up time
  • 100 warehouses


Vuser 1:Rampup 1 minutes complete …
Vuser 1:Rampup 2 minutes complete …
Vuser 1:Rampup complete, Taking start AWR snapshot.
Vuser 1:Start Snapshot 83 taken at 27 APR 2013 13:56 of instance PERFASMDB (1) of database PERFASMD (1272977337)
Vuser 1:Timing test period of 15 in minutes
Vuser 1:1 …,
Vuser 1:2 …,
Vuser 1:3 …,
Vuser 1:4 …,
Vuser 1:5 …,
Vuser 1:6 …,
Vuser 1:7 …,
Vuser 1:8 …,
Vuser 1:9 …,
Vuser 1:10 …,
Vuser 1:11 …,
Vuser 1:12 …,
Vuser 1:13 …,
Vuser 1:14 …,
Vuser 1:15 …,
Vuser 1:Test complete, Taking end AWR snapshot.
Vuser 1:End Snapshot 84 taken at 27 APR 2013 14:11 of instance PERFASMDB (1) of database PERFASMD (1272977337)
Vuser 1:Test complete: view report from SNAPID 83 to 84
Vuser 1:105 Virtual Users configured
Vuser 1:TEST RESULT : System achieved 1030899 Oracle TPM at 343103 NOPM
Vuser 1:Checkpoint
Vuser 1:Checkpoint Complete

This result shows that our purpose-built hybrid systems can perform as well as or better than flash-only solutions at a small fraction of the price. With high performance and high capacity together, you really can have your cake and eat it too!