By Neil Glick – Technical Marketing

Okay Citrix users, it’s time to get excited – Citrix XenDesktop 7.5 and XenApp 7.5 are right around the corner! XenApp 7.5 will let you securely deliver Windows applications to your users on any mobile, desktop or thin client device. Plus XenApp allows for hybrid cloud provisioning to Amazon Web Services (AWS) or CloudPlatform™ by Apache CloudStack® cloud, leveraging the capabilities of the world’s largest public clouds. Citrix also worked on boosting performance, with enhancements to the Citrix HDX technologies that provide a high-performance user experience, something that can make or break virtual desktop implementations.

XenDesktop 7.5, like XenApp 7.5, brings hybrid cloud provisioning with Amazon Web Services or any Citrix CloudPlatform-powered cloud. Even better, XenDesktop supports an “any cloud” strategy that does not lock you into a proprietary cloud. Another great attribute is both XenDesktop and XenApp 7.5 are built on the FlexCast Management Architecture, which unifies the application and desktop delivery tools.

Despite the powerful underlying technology, these announcements are really about cost savings – by working with Nimble Storage and other vendors Citrix aims to save their customers money on upfront equipment costs.

Nimble Storage’s flash-optimized CASL™ architecture makes it a great fit for desktop virtualization in the datacenter because it accelerates both reads (such as for boot storms) and writes (for steady state I/O). Indeed, Citrix and Nimble Storage have been working together for some time now to bring best-of-breed solutions to the market.

Nimble Storage arrays provide a high-performance yet cost-effective end-user experience for Citrix XenDesktop. We’ve recently published a 73-page Citrix Validated Solution (CVS) for 1,000 hosted shared desktops or hosted virtual desktops.  We also provide a SmartStack reference architecture design, validated by Cisco and Citrix, for 1,500 hosted virtual desktops.

To ensure that app and desktop virtualization remains cost-effective, Citrix recently rolled out the Citrix Ready Low-cost Converged Infrastructure program, which will provide performance and high availability for virtual desktop implementations ranging from a few hundred users up to thousands.

With the power and flexibility of XenDesktop and XenApp 7.5 with Nimble Storage, virtual desktops become an even more viable solution for a large portion of our shared customer base.