Cisco Networking Innovations Complement Nimble’s Next-Gen Flash Platform
By Matthew Miller – Solutions Marketing

Today’s business applications, and the underlying IT infrastructure that supports them, are growing quickly. Enterprises are delivering more and more applications, and deploying them at a faster rate. They need greater data velocity, and fewer bottlenecks preventing data from reaching the end user in lightning-fast fashion.

Cisco MDS 9718 Image1Innovation can be seen throughout the infrastructure stack, from compute to networking to storage, all designed to close the gap between the application and its data. Nimble Storage has emerged as a pioneer of next-generation storage, with an architecture built from the ground up to leverage the single most disruptive technology today: flash storage. Flash storage, designed for faster performance and lower latency, goes hand in hand with high-speed networking – superior performance at the storage level doesn’t mean a whole lot if your network can’t transport that data just as fast.

Cisco, a world leader in networking, and Nimble have a long history of developing joint solutions that combine the power of next-generation flash storage with industry-leading compute and networking technology. We recently announced the expansion of our portfolio with a series of SmartStack solutions backed by Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs).

Today, we are proud to announce our support for Cisco’s latest innovations raising the bar for storage networking with the highest density, most scalable and programmable fabric for organizations of all size, from small and medium businesses all the way to global enterprises. Support for 16Gb Fibre Channel in the new Cisco MDS 9718 director class switch aligns with 16Gb FC support across the entire Nimble flash portfolio. What’s more, ease of integration and management between MDS and Nimble is made simple through mutual support for common REST APIs.

Nimble and Cisco have many shared customers running on Nexus infrastructure, and the new Nexus 5000 Series switches with groundbreaking 40Gb technology will continue to enable Ethernet based storage for the future.

With these new powerful storage and networking offerings, we at Nimble are excited to continue to provide our customers with solutions to solve this gap between applications and data with tightly integrated, easy to manage infrastructure.