By Janet Matsuda – CMO

The announcement this week that EMC would be acquired by Dell wasn’t a shock – it’s another sign of the seismic shift that’s disrupting the enterprise data storage market.

The shift isn’t just about the transition from spinning disk to flash storage, it’s about the ability of storage vendors to innovate and anticipate the changing business requirements of global enterprises. Lacking the necessary innovation internally, EMC acquired XtremIO for its flash technology, yet is struggling to shore up revenue declines in its core product lines. Others who bolted flash on top of legacy disk architectures are facing similar challenges.

Enterprise IT organizations are demanding elegant solutions that enable them to optimize performance, capacity, and cost, while simultaneously simplifying management. Beyond optimizing configurations, IT leaders require infrastructure that scales in line with changing demands and yet is simple to manage. They maximize business value when they successfully shift IT resources from operational tasks to strategic initiatives and innovation.

More than 6,000 customers around the world benefit from the Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash platform. They recognize that a unified storage architecture delivers absolute performance, while enabling them to tailor service levels for all of the applications running across their distributed IT environments. That’s all good, but the real secret to freeing up IT resources is InfoSight, which delivers predictive analytics and actionable intelligence to anticipate issues across their infrastructure and maximize availability. We all want to be strategic, and for IT leaders Nimble Storage can remove the distractions resulting from infrastructure complexity that are holding them back from realizing their potential.

It’s exciting to be in the storage business during this period of disruption and unprecedented innovation. At Nimble Storage, we’re excited to lead the shift toward enterprise storage solutions that free IT to partner with the business.