After more than two years of stealth development, I’m very excited that Nimble can now unveil what we’ve been up to. Nimble is unique in offering an entirely new class of storage that elegantly converges primary storage, backup storage, and WAN-efficient disaster recovery. The combination not only allows big savings in acquisition cost, space and power, but it also unifies and simplifies the most common and burdensome administrative activities of provisioning storage, protecting it and dealing with data recovery or site outages.

My co-founder Umesh and I were very fortunate with the circumstances that led up to the founding of Nimble. I started my career at Sun Microsystems, where amongst other things I worked on NFS Servers. I talked myself into a job as employee #11 at NetApp after being hugely impressed by their launch announcement. In my 6 ½ years at NetApp, I learned a tremendous amount about building, scaling and supporting primary storage users. A couple of startups later, I came to head up engineering at the newly hatched Data Domain with Umesh as a key architect. This time around we dived into secondary storage. Both NetApp and Data Domain turned out to be excellent and very successful startups that overcame competition from well entrenched incumbents. I have a great regard for both companies and the people there.

It was this close involvement with both primary and secondary storage that provided insight into the range of problems storage administrators face on a daily basis. The opportunity to do something about it came with the emergence of multi-terabyte drives, SSDs and multi-core processors. Fortuitously, Umesh’s entire background from his Ph.D. at MIT onward made him an expert at file system technologies suited to these newly emerging advanced components. Building upon that we and our marketing team embarked upon a thorough Customer Development effort. We talked with over a hundred companies, and heard loud and clear from you—our potential customers—that the challenges of storage cost and complexity were pervasive.

The result is a new solution designed from the ground up to make the lives of storage administrators and their companies vastly easier. Various people from Nimble will contribute to this blog from time to time. We’d love to hear your comments and welcome your input into shaping our future.