A Trusted Advisor, Empowered by Big Data
By Rochna Dhand – Director, Product Management

It’s not easy being an IT leader today – data center infrastructure is complicated, and you’re expected to consistently get more value from every budget dollar. It takes skilled people to constantly monitor and optimize all your systems, but talent is expensive, and hard to come by.

Nimble Storage customers already have it easier than most thanks to InfoSightTM, the predictive analytics software that comes built into every Nimble array. By applying sophisticated data science to anonymized data aggregated from thousands of Nimble systems, InfoSight provides actionable information to everyone in the IT value chain, from the storage admin to the CIO.

Today, a growing percentage of Nimble customers are going one step further – they’re flipping a switch that makes their InfoSight data instantly available to their IT hardware and software provider, value-added reseller, or systems integrator. These IT providers often have specialized technical knowledge and domain expertise and have become trusted advisors to their customers.

By sharing information through InfoSight, the customer and the IT provider are always working from the same, up-to-date knowledge about the customer’s unique storage configuration, including its health and performance. There’s no need for expensive professional services, no need to collect and pore over millions of pieces of data. The IT provider is now able to see, continuously and in great detail, whether the software, hardware, and networking elements are configured according to vendor recommendations.

Now everyone involved can look at the InfoSight screens together to answer important questions:

  • Is the performance what they expected when they first designed the solution?
  • What’s the impact of new workloads that have been added since?
  • Which performance resource are you running out of?
  • Is it cache, is it CPU?
  • When will the system run out of capacity?
  • Is the system configured optimally?
  • Do you need to upgrade, or can more be squeezed out of existing resources (for instance, by adjusting Nimble’s built-in application optimizers)?

Until now customers had no way of easily sharing system information in such depth, either internally or with their IT providers. InfoSight provides a new level of transparency than benefits both customer and vendor. If your reseller does recommend an upgrade, you can be confident their recommendation is based on meeting your business objectives, and reflects a deep understanding of your specific apps and workloads.

Sharing a single view of the data helps researchers collaborate on identifying new patterns, just like Nimble’s InfoSight predictive analytics system.

Sharing a single view of the data helps researchers collaborate on identifying new patterns, just like Nimble’s InfoSight predictive analytics system.

The bottom line is that sharing InfoSight data with their IT providers gives Nimble customers an additional set of eyes and hands for optimizing their data centers. It enables them to get maximum value for every dollar they spend on upgrades, and in some cases even eliminates or postpones the need for additional hardware. With InfoSight, Nimble has raised the bar on what it means to have a trusted IT advisor.