85 Is the Magic Number
by Paul Scarrott – Marketing Director, EMEA

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one of the most powerful ways of measuring how well a company is serving its customers. Why? Because it’s calculated based on customer responses to a single question: How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?

(In theory, if every respondent were a Detractor, a company could have an NPS as low as -100, and if all the respondents were Promoters, it could have an NPS as high as +100. In practice, a positive NPS is good, and anything over 50 is excellent.)

That’s why everyone at Nimble Storage is so proud of the results of our inaugural NPS survey – a score of 85!

To put that into context, legacy IT systems vendors such as NetApp, EMC, Dell, and IBM have NPS scores in the mid to upper 20s. Even the Apple iPhone only has an NPS of 68.

We worked with an independent third party to conduct the NPS survey, not for marketing bragging rights, but to get an even deeper understanding of our customers’ concerns, and to learn how we’re measuring up against our unwavering commitment to deliver the industry’s most efficient flash storage platform and a legendary customer experience.

Sure, it’s nice to thrash all our competitors when it comes to satisfying customers, but our real focus is on helping customers solve the everyday storage performance and capacity issues they face. The demands on storage systems multiply daily, across industries. Data is driving modern industry and this will only increase with big data, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT). All these present new challenges and new pressures on data management.

Nimble Storage’s InfoSight is a great example of a tool that combines big data, AI, and IoT to deliver new kinds of business value. InfoSight lets customers harness the power of predictive analytics to solve their most complex infrastructure challenges, to predict and prevent downtime, and to automate the support experience by detecting and proactively solving issues before they impact the business.

So how can we improve? How can we help customers get even better at what they do? How can we make storage even more invisible as we enter new eras of technological change?

Collaboration with partners and customers is key to success here. Understanding customer problems helps us to find solutions, to make things better, to improve businesses. Set us a challenge. Help us help you and the scores on the doors will look after themselves.

We’re Listening to Your Suggestions

The great thing about the NPS survey is the ability to receive anonymous suggestions. No company or product is perfect – you have to strive to listen, in order to be the best you can, to help customers overcome their problems, to improve product features and performance without pushing up the price. It’s a delicate balance to achieve, but one worth striving for if it means improved customer experience.

Here are some extracts from the comment fields from the NPS survey.

How would you describe Nimble Storage to a colleague?

“Best storage solution out there! Easier to order than anyone I have seen, and extremely easy to implement.”

“Cost effective, reliable, and not complicated to configure and maintain. Also, the extra feature you get do not require a separate license.”

“Great company with strong support of a strong product that does everything I need it to better than anything else I’ve used.”

What is the one big thing that Nimble Storage is missing that would make it the best Flash Storage Vendor on the market?

“Don’t know. It’s not an easy question. Nimble has a great product, but more people will need to know it, and get used to the new name (compare to EMC, NetApp). If you will continue to innovate and come up with new great ideas, I am sure, Nimble has a great future.”

“Better Performance Reporting. Ability to see what control station has access to the Storage.”

“Integration with 3rd party traditional storage vendors like AWS for a long term snapshot storage option.”