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It’s a whole new ballgame. The new SAP in-memory computing platform radically speeds up data processing across business applications, accelerating decision-making in today’s always-on 24×7 world.

But the performance benefits of in-memory data analytics don’t have to stop there.

Nimble Storage arrays dramatically improve performance of the persistent storage area that maintains data between restarts and unplanned server shutdowns. This seamless data flow across powerful adaptive and all-flash arrays enables the integration of data from a wide variety of sources with live transactional data so you can deliver quick, up-to-date insights.

Read the full deployment guide to learn how to:

  • Install adaptive and all-flash arrays that support your SAP HANA TDI implementation
  • Deploy Nimble arrays in SAP HANA in scale-up and scale-out configurations
  • Check SAP HANA certification for the CS500, CS700, AF3000, AF5000 and AF7000 arrays