Data Protection

Data Protection Solutions

Nimble Storage systems efficiently deliver the benefits of primary storage, backup, and disaster recovery systems in an all-inclusive package to provide the ideal foundation for comprehensive data protection.

And with Nimble Storage InfoSight, you can be confident that your data protection strategy is working as expected through intuitive dashboards and proactive notifications in case of issues.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

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Strategic Alliances

Nimble Storage works with these leading ecosystem vendors to provide a comprehensive solution for your data protection needs.

“I can take one snapshot a day, or 100 snapshots a day — it doesn’t matter. Regardless of the number, my storage consumption for those snapshots is going to be virtually the same. But the clincher is that I can provide almost continuous data availability to my developers.”DIRAJ GOEL,


Video: Data Protection Overview

Learn how Nimble Storage snapshots cost-effectively meet aggressive data protection and disaster recovery requirements for your critical applications. (3:50)

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate primary and backup storage silos
  • Ensure disaster recovery through efficient replication
  • Simplify management with leading ecosystem vendor tools

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