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The Nimble Storage Predictive Flash Platform efficiently delivers the benefits of primary storage, backup, and disaster recovery systems in an all-inclusive package to provide the ideal foundation for comprehensive data protection. And with InfoSight predictive analytics, you can be confident that your data protection strategy is working as expected through intuitive dashboards and proactive notifications in case of issues.

Data Protection

Key Benefits

  • Get instant backups and fast restores
  • Eliminate additional server and network load
  • Simplify management with leading ecosystem vendor tools

Using efficient point-in-time array snapshots, Nimble Storage systems efficiently protect months-worth of data in the storage systems themselves, reducing the load on server, network, and storage resources. And with InfoSight predictive analytics, you can get proactive alerts at multiple levels of the snapshot process in case of any issues, to ensure that your data protection plan is operating as expected.

Hypervisor and Application Integration

Nimble Storage systems are deeply integrated with VMware vCenter and Microsoft VSS. Instant backups can be taken from vCenter and Microsoft Windows, and application data or virtual machines can be restored without needing to go through prolonged checkpoints or recovery procedures.


Disaster Recovery

Key Benefits

  • Ensure business continuity with efficient array replication
  • Easily monitor DR operations across multiple sites
  • Simplify orchestration, testing, and recovery

Nimble Storage systems can efficiently replicate volumes to another array at a recovery site by transferring changed blocks of compressed snapshot data without additional hardware or software licenses. This means disaster recovery is fast, affordable, and easy to manage.

InfoSight predictive analytics not only helps you make sure that replication is operating as expected across sites, but also helps you plan for replication bandwidth as well.

VMware Site Recovery Manager Integration

Integration with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) leverages Nimble’s array replication to simplify DR setup, orchestration, testing, and recovery. It provides full failover and failback support through SRM.


CommVault Simpana Integration

Nimble Storage is the first storage array to be certified through CommVault’s IntelliSnap Connect Program (ICP), which integrates native Nimble Storage snapshot functionality with CommVault Simpana software. This integration allows you to take manage Nimble’s snapshots through CommVault Simpana software, and use Simpana’s cataloging and granular recovery capabilities.

Veeam Software Integration

Nimble Storage has been a Veeam Strategic Technology Alliance Partner since 2012, combining with the award-winning data protection software for a customer-proven easy-to-manage solution. In May, 2016, Veeam announced Veeam Availability Suite v9.5 integration with the Nimble Storage Unified Flash Fabric, achieving a new level of comprehensive data availability but still at a lower total cost of ownership.

“I can take one snapshot a day, or 100 snapshots a day — it doesn’t matter. Regardless of the number, my storage consumption for those snapshots is going to be virtually the same. But the clincher is that I can provide almost continuous data availability to my developers.”

Diraj Goel, Director of Information Technology, Vision Critical