Microsoft Applications

Adaptive Flash Storage for Microsoft Applications

Key Benefits

  • Increase Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint availability and uptime
  • Reduce storage footprint for mailboxes, databases, and files by 30-75%
  • Leverage pre-validated solutions to reduce risk and accelerate deployment

The Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash platform is integrated with Microsoft to provide application-consistent performance and management.

Microsoft Exchange 2013

esrp-slideNimble Storage provides a powerful solution for Microsoft Exchange. Because performance is not tied to the number of disk spindles, Nimble Storage delivers an order of magnitude greater performance than storage systems that do not integrate flash into the underlying architecture.

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Microsoft SQL Server

Nimble Storage Protection Manager provides an interface between a Nimble Storage array and the native VSS interfaces of the Windows operating system. This core integration enables instant, application-consistent backups and fast restores.

SmartStack for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 with VMware

SmartStack for SQL Server 2014 addresses the customer challenges of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 support ending on April 12, 2016, and the significant impact to these customers who will need to make large-scale changes to their data centers and to migrate to a new platform or face the risk of operating without Microsoft technical support and security updates.

This solution provides the entire infrastructure that has been pre-validated and end-to-end tested, including Cisco UCS compute, networking, and Nimble storage, using a VMware vSphere 6.0 environment for migrating SQL Server 2005 workloads to a powerful consolidation platform for SQL Server 2014. The architecture was validated to support small, medium, and large representative SQL Server 2014 workloads.

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Customer: WYNIT

“With Nimble, we’ve slashed our RPOs — we snapshot and replicate every 15 minutes for our file servers, once per day for our print servers, MS Exchange every four hours, and our MS SQL and Oracle databases every hour.“


Video: Exchange 100,000 Mailbox Setupesrp-video-thumbNimble Storage technologist Michael McLaughlin illustrates the details of setup used in the 100,000-mailbox ESRP Jetstress test. (3:00)

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SmartStack for SQL Server 2014

Integrated infrastructure solutions from Cisco and Nimble Storage