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Videos and Demos

Nimble Storage CTO Daredevil Jump

CTO Daredevil Jump
Nimble Storage CTO Umesh Maheshwari jumps
over the entire Nimble Storage product line.

Overview Videos Description Format
Adaptive Flash Overview Nimble Storage VP of Engineering and Co-Founder Varun Mehta outlines the Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash platform, and introduces the new CS700 Series and All-Flash Shelf expansion option. 4-Minute Video
Three-Minute Overview Learn how Nimble delivers flash-optimized storage, backup, and disaster recovery in one easy-to-use solution. 3-Minute Video
Nimble Storage is Transforming
the IT Industry
What makes Nimble Storage unique? Watch this whiteboard video and learn how Nimble is leveraging its industry-leading CASL™ hybrid storage architecture and breakthrough InfoSight™ storage lifecycle management solution to transform the IT industry. 5-Minute Video
Nimble Storage Overview Whiteboard Co-Founder and VP of Engineering Varun Mehta describes the latest scaling capabilities for Nimble flash-enabled storage systems. 3-Minute Video
Scale Out Architecture
3-Minute Overview
Nimble Storage’s scale out architecture enables you to eliminate capacity silos and performance hotspots without the headaches of painful data migrations and forced downtime. Scale your storage to fit your precise needs… without disruption, and at the lowest incremental cost. 3-Minute Video
Storage Architecture
Nimble Storage VP of Product Management Ajay Singh describes Nimble’s “Scale-to-Fit” storage architecture. 3-Minute Video
Flash in the Datacenter Co-Founder and CTO Umesh Maheshwari outlines the increasing role of flash in the data center. 10-Minute Video
Nimble Support:
Proactive Wellness
Director of Support Rod Bagg describes the robust support offerings Nimble provides. 5-Minute Video
Product Demos Description Format
Interactive Solutions Tour Explore interactive models featuring Nimble Storage’s Adaptive Flash platform, the hardware features of CS-Series storage arrays, and an overview of the SmartStack joint reference architecture with Cisco UCS servers. Online
Product Tour
Provision Volumes with Microsoft SCVMM A step-by-step GUI demonstration showing how to provision Nimble Storage volumes from Microsoft System Center-Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM). 3-Minute Video
vSphere Virtualized Setup Setup demonstration of a NFS server virtualized on VMware vSphere backed by Nimble volumes (VMFS and in-guest mounted iSCSI volumes), providing a highly available NFS file sharing solution with good performance. 4.5-Minute Video
Scale Out Demo with VMware ESXi This demo shows how easy it is to install Nimble Storage NCM (nimble connection manager) software into VMware ESXi to allow for automatic path detection and optimization. 10-Minute Video
Optimizing Cassandra Database
This technical deep-dive with demo shows how running Cassandra/NoSQL database on Nimble Storage optimizes performance, leverages snapshot/replication for data protection, simplifies scaling, and reduces footprint/power/cooling costs. 8-Minute Video
Exchange 2010 Recovery Demo Demonstration of fast Exchange recovery options using Nimble Storage high-efficiency snapshots and native tools to perform item-level recovery. 7-Minute Video
SQL Server Recovery Demo Demonstration of fast SQL Server item-level recovery using Nimble Storage high-efficiency snapshots and native tools. 7-Minute Video
VMware View for VDI Demo See how easy it is to provision storage and enable virtual desktops without disruption with Nimble Storage. This 5-minute video shows the 3 basic steps. 5-Minute Video
Oracle Database Backup and Restore A command line demonstration of backup and restore using Oracle RMAN and Nimble Storage zero-copy clone technology. 11-Minute Video
GUI Demo Demonstration of Nimble Storage’s easy-to-use GUI which allows IT generalists to provision and manage storage like a highly-trained SAN expert. 5-Minute Video
Non-Disruptive Scale Out Demo Brief demonstration of scaling out both VMware View virtual desktop infrastructure and Nimble storage, without any disruption to existing workload. 7-Minute Video
No More PEBCAK! VMware View
Desktop File-Level Restore
How to recover from PEBCAK with Nimble Storage. 5-Minute Video