Technical Papers

Technical Papers


This security technical note introduces the Nimble Storage SmartSecure software based encryption feature. Expanding on the content provided in the Nimble Storage Administration Guide, the document takes a comprehensive look at the feature and includes detailed deployment and administrative data points.

In this in-depth 14-page article, industry analyst and storage expert Enrico Signoretti offers up valuable insights into the role that data analytics plays in establishing a truly proactive storage support and management experience for enterprise IT. April 2015.


This paper explains how Nimble Storage solutions cost-effectively scale to customers’ specific capacity and performance requirements. Customers can non-disruptively and independently scale capacity, cache, or compute; or combine multiple arrays into a scale-out storage cluster.


5-Page PDF

Until now, organizations contending with exponential data growth and the intense performance demands of business-critical applications have had to compromise on capacity and performance. With its innovative Adaptive Flash platform, Nimble Storage has eliminated these problems by enabling the dynamic and intelligent allocation of storage resources based on changing application needs.

This paper highlights the design elements that go into overall system availability and detail the methodology used to show that the Nimble installed base is running at greater than 99.999% (five nines) uptime.

How Nimble Storage flash-optimized hybrid storage arrays and comprehensive SmartStack solutions eliminate the complexity of traditional storage architectures by delivering efficient and adaptive performance and capacity for VDI environments.

How to configure Splunk Enterprise, running on Oracle Linux, RHEL 6, and Nimble Storage, including test results achieved with the SplunkIT test tool.

Best Practices Guides

NetBackup Snapshot Client


Best practices for using the Symantec NetBackup Snapshot Client with the Nimble Storage VSS Provider.

This best practices guide for Hadoop shows you how to master your Big Data workloads with Nimble. Start leveraging the enormous Hadoop ecosystem (like HBase for SQL and Soir for text indexing) to tame your Big Data lake.

Best practices for using CommVault Simpana IntelliSnap technology with Nimble Storage snapshots for data protection.

Best practices for provisioning a database storage design that will optimize performance and eliminate database backup windows.

How to maximize your Hyper-V system availability and off-site recovery with minimal effort.

Best practices in designing your Exchange implementation on Nimble Storage to deliver optimal performance, protection, and availability.

Design considerations and best practices, along with vSphere storage features interoperability

Co-authored by Nimble Storage and VMware, this techinical guide describes how Nimble Storage fully integrates with VMware SRM to automate DR protection, test, and recovery.

Simple configuration guidelines for optimizing Nimble Storage systems for VMware View VDI deployments.

Nimble Storage systems provide I/O optimization and protection features that greatly benefit MySQL 5.6 with InnoDB Storage Engine running on Oracle Linux 6 and Red Hat 6 operating system implementations. This in-depth guide explains internal I/O processes that MySQL uses to store data on disk. You can use this to implement best practices for provisioning storage for MySQL environments that will optimize performance and eliminate backup windows.

This 20-page step-by-step guide demonstrates how DBAs can configure Nimble Storage replication for Oracle database and how to meet availability needs.

How to leverage advances in storage technology to accelerate performance, simplify management, and cut costs in virtualized environments.

How to connect Nimble Storage iSCSI arrays to management and data networks, and how to choose iSCSI switches.


Recommendations and usage scenarios are presented to provide information centered about leveraging Nimble Storage capabilities when deployed as part of a Veeam Backup & Replication solution.”

OpenStack is an open-source platform that promises to deliver massively scalable, feature-rich public and private clouds. But without the right storage foundation, you could face complex deployments, performance problems, and even data loss. Download this 20-page technical report and learn why Nimble Storage is the storage platform of choice for OpenStack.

How to architect an efficient Oracle test and development environment running ASM using Nimble Storage and leveraging Nimble’s zero-copy cloning capability.

This solution guide provides a file sharing architecture that leverages Nimble Storage and Windows Server 2012R2.

This 16-page technical report describes how to leverage Nimble’s efficient snapshot and cloning capabilities for backing up and restoring Oracle databases. Both RMAN and user-managed methods for ASM and file system deployments are covered.

This technical report covers the pre-validated Nimble Storage SmartStack™ for Windows server leveraging Cisco UCS C-Series and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V Technology.