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Datasheets, Product & Solution Briefs

Title Description Format
Nimble Storage Datasheet Technical specifications of the Nimble Storage CS-Series family. 2-Page PDF
Nimble Storage Product Brief Nimble Storage CASL™ and CS-Series features and functions. 4-Page PDF
Nimble Storage Technology & Features Primer Quick overview of Nimble Storage technology and features. 2-Page PDF
Nimble Storage and VMware VDI Solution
for the Mobile Secure Desktop
The joint Nimble Storage / VMware VDI solution for Mobile Secure Desktop.
2-Page PDF
Nimble Storage for VMware View 5,
1,000 Desktop Solution
How Nimble Storage recently demonstrated the ability to run over 1,000 virtual desktops on a single 3U flash-enabled storage array, the CS240G.
1-Page PDF
Top Reasons to Choose Nimble
for Virtualization
A brief list of technical advantages Nimble Storage brings to virtualized environments.
1-Page PDF
Top Reasons to Choose Nimble
for Microsoft Applications
A brief list of technical advantages Nimble Storage provides for Microsoft applications like Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL Server.
1-Page PDF

White Papers

Title Description Format
Nimble Storage: Engineered for Efficiency Detailed discussion on the Nimble value proposition, features, and functionality. 8-Page PDF
Scale to Fit with Nimble Storage An in-depth look at Nimble Storage performance and capacity, scaling capabilities, and scale-out clustering. 4-Page PDF
How to Avoid the Seven Sins of Storage Some storage and backup mistakes could be called "sins" because they lead to expensive IT problems — and even risk to the enterprise. 8-Page PDF
Risk-Free Storage for VDI Learn how Nimble overcomes the limitations of traditional storage architectures in VDI deployments. 10-Page PDF

Technical Reports

Title Description Format
Best Practices for Scale-Out Storage How to scale-out performance and capacity beyond the limits of a single array, while maintaining the management simplicity of a single array. 10-Page PDF
Best Practices for SQL Server Best practices for provisioning a database storage design that will optimize performance and eliminate database backup windows. 12-Page PDF
Best Practices for Hyper-V R2 How to maximize your Hyper-V system availability and off-site recovery with minimal effort. 23-Page PDF
Best Practices for Exchange 2010 Best practices in designing your Exchange implementation on Nimble Storage to deliver optimal performance, protection, and availability. 10-Page PDF
Best Practices for VMware vSphere 5 Design considerations and best practices, along with vSphere storage features interoperability 24-Page PDF
Best Practices for VMware View VDI Simple configuration guidelines for optimizing Nimble Storage systems for VMware View VDI deployments. 12-Page PDF
Architecting Storage in
Virtualized Environments
How to leverage advances in storage technology to accelerate performance, simplify management, and cut costs in virtualized environments. 8-Page PDF

Analyst Reports

Title Description Format
IDC Private Vendor Watchlist Profile IDC looks at current disk and flash offerings on the market and notes how Nimble's core architecture is a key differentiator, and that Nimble is well-positioned against large incumbent storage providers as well as flash-only players. 14-Page PDF
Taneja Group: Solution Profile This Taneja group solution profile reviews Nimble Storage's three fundamental advantages for VDI storage: highly efficient performance and capacity, reliable and efficient data protection, and ease of deployment and management. 5-Page PDF
IDC Vendor Profile: Nimble Storage In this third-party report, IDC profiles Nimble Storage technology, functionality, strategy, and business outlook. 5-Page PDF
IDC Product Flash:
Nimble Storage CS260 Array
This IDC report analyzes the value proposition of the new Nimble Storage enterprise-class CS260 array. 1-Page PDF
ESG Product Brief: Nimble Storage ESG examines how Nimble Storage has created an integrated architecture that effectively addresses increasingly complex performance and data protection needs. 5-Page PDF
eWeek Lab Review: CS260 eWeek highlights how the Nimble Storage CS260 is optimized for virtualization and backup, combining tier 1 and tier 2 enterprise storage capabilities into one platform. 2-Page PDF


Title Description Format
Three-Minute Overview Learn how Nimble delivers flash-optimized storage, backup, and disaster recovery in one easy-to-use solution. 3-Minute Video
Nimble Storage Overview Whiteboard Co-Founder and VP of Engineering Varun Mehta describes the latest scaling capabilities for Nimble flash-enabled storage systems. 3-Minute Video
Storage Architecture
Nimble Storage VP of Product Management Ajay Singh describes Nimble's "Scale-to-Fit" storage architecture. 3-Minute Video
Flash in the Datacenter Co-Founder and CTO Umesh Maheshwari outlines the increasing role of flash in the datacenter. 10-Minute Video
Nimble Support:
Proactive Wellness
Director of Support Rod Bagg describes the robust support offerings Nimble provides. 5-Minute Video

Tools and Online Demos

Title Description Format
Nimble Storage Webinar Series Choose from a selection of live webinars on topics that include: An Introduction to Nimble Storage; Best Practices for VMware/VDI; SQL Server Recovery; and Disaster Recovery. Q&A, plus one attendee wins a $100 Amazon gift card. Live Webinar
GUI Demo Demonstration of Nimble Storage's easy-to-use GUI which allows IT generalists to provision and manage storage like a highly-trained SAN expert. 5-Minute Video
Non-Disruptive Scale Out Brief demonstration of scaling out both VMware View virtual desktop infrastructure and Nimble storage, without any disruption to existing workload. 7-Minute Video
Exchange 2010 Recovery Demonstration of fast Exchange recovery options using Nimble Storage high-efficiency snapshots and native tools to perform item-level recovery. 7-Minute Video
SQL Server Recovery Demonstration of fast SQL Server item-level recovery using Nimble Storage high-efficiency snapshots and native tools. 7-Minute Video
VMware View for VDI See how easy it is to provision storage and enable virtual desktops without disruption with Nimble Storage. This 5-minute video shows the 3 basic steps. 5-Minute Video
No More PEBCAK! VMware View
Desktop File-Level Restore
How to recover from PEBCAK with Nimble Storage. 5-Minute Video
TCO Calculator Nimble Storage offers dramatic TCO savings compared to traditional storage technologies. See for yourself with this interactive calculator. Online Calculator

On-Demand Webinars

Title Description Format
Introduction to Nimble Storage:
VP of Marketing Dan Leary provides a overview of Nimble's flash-optimized storage solutions, with highlights from the August 6, 2012 announcement of Nimble's new "Scale-to-Fit" storage solutions. 30-Minute Video
Disaster Recovery Learn now Nimble Storage brings a game-changing approach to disaster recovery. Backup windows, software, and devices are eliminated, replaced with capacity-efficient snapshots that can be easily replicated over cost-effective bandwidth for DR and failover. 61-Minute Video
Storage for Virtualized Environments Nicholas Schoonover provides context for today's storage challenges for virtualized environments and how Nimble's hybrid approach to storage is ideally suited for VDI and VMware environments. A live demo shows the ease of provisioning and managing storage with Nimble systems. 55-Minute Video
Risk-Free Storage for VDI VMware Solution Team Lead Cynthia Hseih joins Nimble Storage experts to explain how a storage solution that combines flash memory and high-capacity disk delivers the performance that VDI environments require. 55-Minute Video
Technical Deep Dive:
Nimble's CASL Architecture
Nimble Director of Storage Architecture Devin Hamilton goes deep into the inner workings of Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL), Nimble's core architecture. 58-Minute Video
Nimble Storage Integration with
VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)
Senior Technical Marketing Engineer Wen Yu leads a lively and interactive session on Nimble's integration with VMware SRM, including a live demo of a disaster recovery, failover, and recopy. 49-Minute Video
Forrester Research: Best Practices
for VDI Success
Guest analyst Andrew Reichman shares findings from users and vendors about the rapid adoption of VDI, and how storage is a critical success factor. 40-Minute Video