On-Demand Webinars

On-Demand Webinars


Learn how Nimble Storage works with AWS and Azure to help customers create hybrid clouds without data migration, reduce DR and test/dev costs, and improve data security, reliability, and sovereignty. December 2015.

Forrester Research analyst Richard Fichera looks at the trends and market forces driving the enterprise data center towards a single storage consolidation platform in an effort to battle ever-increasing complexity and cost. October 2015.

Now you can protect your workloads from disasters in an OPEX model without the need to invest in another data center. The Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash platform provides a comprehensive set of data protection features, including off-site data replication to a secondary array or to a Nimble-powered cloud service provider like Virtacore. October 2015.

This deep-dive investigative session takes a look at Nimble Storage SmartSecure, the new encryption of data at rest technology available with Nimble OS version 2.3.6 and higher. October 2015.



A high-level look at Nimble Storage products, technology, and company. September 2015.

A technical deep dive into the inner workings of Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL), Nimble’s core architecture. There are fifteen minutes of highly technical Q&A at the end of the recording. This is our #1 video on YouTube!

Pay only for the storage you use with Nimble Storage on Demand. You get the flexibility of the cloud with the control of on-premise storage. July 2015.

An in-depth look Nimble’s core technology, including CASL architecture, InfoSight analytics portal, storage on demand, converged infrastructure solutions, and more.

Wen Yu and Neil Glick go in-depth to describe Nimble Storage’s scale-out technology and how it differs from other scaling approaches. The webinar includes a live demo showing the installation of Nimble NCM (nimble connection manager) software into ESXi to allow for automatic path detection and optimization.

Learn about the latest updates to Nimble’s InfoSight Portal, including new per-VM monitoring tools. There is an extensive live demo during the presentation with Senior Engineer Gim Mahasintunan.

Desktop Virtualization

How to Make VDI a Reality



Learn how to overcome the 3 storage-related barriers to a successful VDI deployment. Includes a boot storm demo. Watch 2,000 desktops come alive all at once!

Technical marketing engineer Michael McLaughlin describes the VDI reference architecture developed by Cisco, VMware, and Nimble Storage that supports 1,000 virtual desktops with only 3U of storage. The architecture uses Cisco UCS blade servers, VMware View, and VMware vSphere to provide a tested and preconfigured architecture for organizations looking to reduce their risk when deploying a VDI solution.

It has been a year since their first webcast. Hear from North Bend’s CTO and VDI architect whether desktop and application virtualization with Unidesk, Nimble Storage, Imprivata, and VMware Horizon has met expectations.


In this on-demand webinar, learn how IT organizations can reduce costs and protect their virtualization investments while simplifying backup and disaster recovery with Veeam® and Nimble Storage.

Learn about the Nimble Storage VSS Hardware Provider and how to configure it for fast backups with the NetBackup Snapshot Client. 3 product demos are included.

Learn how CommVault Simpana IntelliSnap leverages the efficiency of Nimble array-based snapshots to provide speedy recovery, eliminate scripting, and lower infrastructure costs. Presenters include Craig Halliwell and Andrew Lawrence from CommVault, and Sheldon D’Paiva from Nimble Storage. Includes a live demo.

Learn now Nimble Storage brings a game-changing approach to disaster recovery. Backup windows, software, and devices are eliminated, replaced with capacity-efficient snapshots that can be easily replicated over cost-effective bandwidth for DR and failover.


Wen Yu and Neil Glick get technical with VMware vCloud and vSphere tips and tricks on Nimble Storage. A live demo is included.

Nimble Storage Technologist Wen Yu and VMware Engineer Alton Yu provide a technical look at backup and recovery for VMware environments using Microsoft VSS.

Senior Technical Marketing Engineer Wen Yu leads a lively and interactive session on Nimble’s integration with VMware SRM, including a live demo of a disaster recovery, failover, and recopy.

This on-demand webinar features special guest Mostafa Khalil, senior engineer at VMware and author of the book “Storage Implementation in vSphere 5.0.” Mr. Khalil provides a highly-technical presentation, derived from his book. Questions are answered realtime during the presentation. Wen Yu, senior technical marketing engineer at Nimble Storage, provides a brief live demo at the end of the presentation, showing command line interaction with vSphere and Nimble arrays.

VMware performance engineer Chethan Kumar and Nimble Storage technologist Wen Yu go deep to discuss the various dimensions of storage performance as it relates to specific workloads and virtualized environments. There is a live demo near the end using esxtop to monitor and troubleshoot storage performance issues in a VMware ESXi environment.


The Nimble Storage SmartStack solution for VDI with Cisco UCS and Citrix XenDesktop, with some introductory contextual remarks about the evolution of the desktop computer.


Nimble Storage eliminates storage tuning for database applications like SQL Server by caching hot data to flash SSD in real-time so that it’s ready when needed, not waiting on tier transition. Add to that Nimble’s highly efficient snapshot and replication technology and you have a instantaneous backup solution that spans months versus days.

Learn why Nimble Storage’s Adaptive Flash platform provides 5-10x more performance for Exchange than competing solutions, with a deep dive into Microsoft’s published Exchange Solution Reviewed Program (ESRP) results.

Guest speaker Claude Lorenson from Microsoft describes how Nimble Storage plays a key role in a new reference architecture for private cloud deployments. The new architecture is part of Microsoft’s Private Cloud Fast Track program, which helps customers reduce risk and accelerate their transition to cloud.

This video demonstrates the configuration steps required to leverage Nimble Storage volumes with Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Clusters. The demo also includes setup information for System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM). Take advantage of Nimble’s market leading performance, capacity savings and VSS-integrated snapshot backups to provide application consistent protection.

Claude Lorenson from MIcrosoft describes the Fast Track program and specifically, the SmartStack solution with Cisco and Nimble Storage for private cloud deployments.


Nimble Storage technologists Tom Dau and Wen Yu provide a technical look at backup and restore of Oracle database using Oracle RMAN and Nimble Storage zero-copy clone technology. An 11-minute command line demo is included.

Cisco and Oracle join Nimble Storage for a panel presentation about the SmartStack solution for Oracle Database with Cisco UCS and Nimble Storage hybrid arrays. The pre-validated solution helps speed deployments and reduce risk.


Senior Storage Analyst Henry Baltazar from Forrester Research looks at the current state of IT analytics, within the context of storage management. Guest customer Jeff Winter from City of Hot Springs, Arkansas, describes his experiences with Nimble Storage’s InfoSight offering. InfoSight uses deep data analytics to help customers forecast compute, cache, and capacity requirements.

IDC analyst Eric Sheppard looks at current topics and trends in integrated infrastructure solutions. Two Nimble Storage customers provide overviews of their SmartStack integrated solution deployments. July 2015.

Guest analyst Andrew Reichman shares findings from users and vendors about the rapid adoption of VDI, and how storage is a critical success factor.


Analyst and noted author Howard Marks analyzes current storage management capabilities in light of the emergence of flash storage, and leads a discussion with two Nimble Storage customers about their experiences utilizing Nimble Storage InfoSight for automated support and predictive analytics. April 2015.