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Scale-to-Fit: Scalable Storage Capacity and Performance

As your data set grows and you launch new applications, you inevitably strain your storage environment. With Nimble Storage, you can accommodate growth by scaling capacity, performance, or both—efficiently and non-disruptively.

Nimble Storage protects your investment by enabling you to:

  • Scale capacity by adding additional storage shelves.
  • Scale up performance by upgrading compute for greater throughput and IOPS, and expanding cache with larger SSDs to handle active data.
  • Scale capacity and performance by grouping any combination of Nimble Storage hybrid arrays into a scale-out storage cluster

Scale-Out Architecture

Nimble Storage's scale-out architecture makes it easy to scale capacity and performance beyond the physical limitations of a single array. Learn more »




  • "Nimble kept proving that it could exceed any performance targets we had ever achieved. Today, it is our one-stop storage shop. We have moved our entire storage operations to Nimble Storage." Ken Schipper, Operations Manager, Graniterock