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The Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash platform provides a single storage consolidation architecture for enterprise applications. This innovative approach has generated new efficiencies for the data center.

The Adaptive Flash platform consists of Nimble’s CASL™ architecture, and InfoSight™, the company’s data sciences-based approach to the storage lifecycle. Nimble Storage CS-Series arrays are the building blocks of the Adaptive Flash platform.

Nimble Storage CS-Series Arrays

CS210*, CS215*, and CS235

Value and performance for small to medium-sized IT organizations or remote offices, for workloads such as Microsoft Exchange and VDI.


Ideal for midsize IT organizations or distributed sites of larger organizations. It offers the best capacity per $ for workloads like Microsoft applications, VDI, or virtual server consolidation. The CS300 delivers 1.6x more IOPS than the CS235.


Advanced performance for larger-scale deployments or IO-intensive workloads, like larger-scale VDI, and Oracle or SQL Server databases, and provides the best performance and IOPS per $. The CS500 achieves 5x the performance of the CS235.


Designed for consolidating multiple large-scale critical applications with aggressive performance demands. It delivers approximately 7x the IOPS of the CS235.

All Nimble Storage arrays support the iSCSI storage protocol. Fibre Channel protocol support is available with the CS235, CS300, CS500, and CS700.

*Support for iSCSI protocol only.


Nimble Storage Technology: Adaptive Flash


Key Benefits

Performance and Capacity

  • Nimble-Scalable-Storage-and-Performance-CapacityFlexible scaling of storage resources to satisfy the changing demands of business-critical applications
  • Five times greater performance and capacity density than legacy storage systems
  • Up to a 75% reduction in data footprint, and a 10x reduction in data center rack space

Seamless Scalability

  • Non-disruptive and independent scaling of performance and capacity, within a single array or a cluster

Integrated Data Protection

  • As many as 90 days of hourly snapshots on a single array
  • WAN-efficient replication of snapshot data for disaster recovery

Proactive Wellness

  • Peak storage health driven by powerful data sciences
  • Greater than five nines system uptime


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“Nimble kept proving that it could exceed any performance targets we had ever achieved. Today, it is our one-stop storage shop. We have moved our entire storage operations to Nimble Storage.”

Ken Schipper, Operations Manager