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Flash Storage Webinar Series

Nimble Storage hosts weekly webinars on a wide range of topics related to flash storage solutions with real world use cases.

All webinars are presented live, and include guest speakers, customers, industry analysts, and technology partners. Each webinar is staffed by panelists to answer questions during the presentation, and 10-15 minutes are reserved at the end for live Q&A.

Worldwide: UK Webinar Series | Asia-Pacific Webinar Series | German Webinar Series


Nimble Storage on Demand

The Storage Industry's First Utility-Based Storage-on-Demand Pricing Model

Thursday December 4, 11:00 AM Pacific Time — 30 Minutes

Join this brief 30-minute live webinar to learn about Nimble Storage On Demand, the industry's first true pay-per-use pricing model for on-site storage — the only on-demand pricing model that bills you for your actual storage usage and doesn’t lock you into a long-term contract.

  • Pay for what you use. Don’t pay for what you don’t use. Billings accurately reflect usage — even when it shrinks — eliminating wasted resources and saving money.
  • Never run out. A 10 percent capacity buffer is built into — and automatically maintained — for every configuration, even as your usage grows. Nimble automatically ships additional capacity before it is needed; you don’t pay for it until it’s used.
  • No excessive lock-ins. After a one-year commitment, you can select a flexible month-to-month subscription.


Enterprise Hadoop with Hortonworks and Nimble Storage

Tuesday December 9, 11:00 AM Pacific Time

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) provides an enterprise-ready data platform for multi-workload data processing across an array of processing methods — from batch through interactive to real-time, supported by key capabilities required of an enterprise data platform — spanning Governance, Security and Operations. Deploy HDP in-cloud, on-premise, or from an appliance across both Linux and Windows.

Join this webinar to learn how Nimble Storage provides the performance, capacity, and availability needed for Hortonworks HDP. And find out how you can take advantage of Hadoop with minimal changes to existing data architectures and skillsets.


Nimble Storage Technology Deep Dive with Devin Hamilton

Thursday December 11, 11:00 AM Pacific Time

Don't miss this special event! Nimble's Director of Storage Architects; Devin Hamilton will take a deep technical look at the foundation of Nimble Storage's infrastructure. Devin will guide you through the core components, then illustrate our model of revolutionary efficiency covering application density, multi-protocol support, large scale provisioning, and rapid data center deployment. Be prepared to ask tough questions and learn something.

Devin will also cover:

  • Fibre Channel availability
  • Storage on Demand
  • CASL architecture
  • InfoSight storage analytics portal



Availability in the Modern Datacenter with Veeam

Tuesday December 16, 11:00 AM Pacific Time

Bridging the Availability Gap
Achieving non-stop service and continuous protection has traditionally required a significant investment in fully redundant systems with instant failover capabilities. These kinds of investments could only be justified for a few applications, so the vast majority of workloads are served with lower performing, legacy backup solutions allowing recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives (RTO and RPO) of several hours or days.

Veeam® bridges this availability gap by leveraging the capabilities of the modern datacenter — including virtualization, new storage integration and cloud capabilities — to provide high availability for all business-critical applications.

Nimble Storage and Veeam® provide a wide range of capabilities that can help you tackle virtually any data protection scenario. Plus you get high-performance flash-accelerated storage that will weather any I/O storm.

Join this webinar to learn how the Nimble/Veeam combination provides:

  • Affordable high-performance
  • VM, file-level, and application-item recovery
  • Flexible retention and native tape support
  • Centralized management


InfoSight Portal: Deep Data Storage Analytics

Thursday December 18, 11:00 AM Pacific Time

InfoSight™ is the groundbreaking customer support portal and storage analytics engine developed by Nimble Storage. InfoSight’s “deep data” approach to customer support delivers storage health insights that can be leveraged to streamline maintenance by enabling granular alerting, accurate forecasting, and a level of overall storage health insight that vastly improves productivity and optimizes system availability.

InfoSight collects information that can be intelligently used to rapidly identify, predict, and resolve similar issues before they impact other customers.

InfoSight Benefits:

  • Manageability: InfoSight is cloud-based, so agents or data collection infrastructure do not have to be installed in the datacenter. All updates are instantly available.
  • Usability: InfoSight enables proactive system health and support. Insightful and actionable information is presented through intuitive dashboards.
  • Accessibility: InfoSight can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, on any device. One-click reporting and export capabilities make it the simplest way to monitor and manage Nimble Storage environments.



On-Demand Webinars

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