Driving Storage Lifecycle Efficiency With Data Science

Using systems modeling, predictive algorithms, and statistical analysis, InfoSight™ solves storage administrators’ most difficult problems. Infosight also ensures storage resources are dynamically and intelligently deployed to satisfy the changing needs of business-critical applications, a key facet of Nimble Storage’s Adaptive Flash platform.At the heart of InfoSight is a powerful engine comprised of deep data analytics applied to telemetry data gathered from Nimble arrays deployed across the globe. More than 30 million sensor values are collected per day per Nimble Storage array.The InfoSight Engine transforms the millions of gathered data points into actionable information that allows customers to realize significant operational efficiency through:

  • Maintaining optimal storage performance
  • Projecting storage capacity needs
  • Proactively monitoring storage health and getting granular alerts


InfoSight Engine Components

InfoSight’s data analytics technology operates on a foundation of deep data to enable innovative capabilities:

  • Systems Modeling: Workload data feeds detailed systems models to generate recommendations on how to improve performance, and the performance correlation capability can diagnose performance or latency issues in minutes
  • Predictive Algorithms: Historical trends are analyzed intelligently to extract organic data growth rates and predict capacity needs
  • Statistical Analysis: Continuous pattern matching and event correlation find issues proactively, and trigger alerts to maintain storage health
infosight video
Nimble Storage Chief Data Scientist Lawrence Lancaster and Vice President of Support Rod Bagg describe the InfoSight architecture, features, and benefits. (5:04)

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“The capacity trending and forecasting is far more usable than other tools I have seen. And the powerful data analytics behind the scenes gives me a much more accurate projection of my capacity needs than a back of the envelope calculation.”

Dave Pritt, Business Services Manager
Saunderson House Limited