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Flash Storage Webinar Series

Nimble Storage hosts weekly webinars on a wide range of topics related to flash storage solutions with real world use cases.

All webinars are presented live, and include guest speakers, customers, industry analysts, and technology partners. Each webinar is staffed by panelists to answer questions during the presentation, and 10-15 minutes are reserved at the end for live Q&A.

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Nimble Storage OS 2.3 Features and Functions

Tuesday September 15, 11:00AM PT | 2:00PM ET

The newest version of the Nimble Storage OS is packed with enhanced enterprise capabilities. Tune in to learn about:

  • Assigning all-flash service levels to any workload or volume
  • Tightening security with software-based encryption of data at rest
  • Controlling Nimble arrays programmatically through the new REST API


Optimize Oracle Performance with SmartStack

Thursday September 17, 11:00AM PT | 2:00PM ET

Oracle databases need to meet the performance, scalability, and data protection requirements for business-critical applications. IT and database administrators (DBAs) as well as architects realize the importance of storage in maintaining services levels and staying within budget.

Nimble SmartStack for Oracle delivers the ideal integrated infrastructure for Oracle database online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) environments with Oracle Linux. Nimble Storage SmartStack for Oracle provides a pre-validated reference architecture with Cisco UCS that speeds deployments and minimizes risk.

Join this webinar to learn how Nimble’s SmartStack for Oracle provides:

  • Improved Oracle performance
  • Linear scalability of Oracle performance
  • Impact-free data protection
  • Higher availability and uptime
  • Accelerated Oracle development and improved testing


IO Sizing and Storage Performance Benchmarks

Tuesday September 22, 11:00AM PT | 2:00PM ET

IT professionals confronted with building or expanding a data center often rely on storage performance benchmarks provided by vendors and analysts – but those benchmarks don’t always match their real-world workloads. In this 30-minute webinar, data scientist David Adamson will explain:

  • Why IO sizing is key to measuring storage performance
  • How to avoid benchmark errors caused by IO size averaging
  • How to properly interpret benchmark results so they’re relevant to your company’s workloads


An Introduction to Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash

Thursday September 24, 11:00AM PT | 2:00PM ET

Join this webinar to learn how the Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash platform dynamically and intelligently deploys storage resources to meet the growing demands of business-critical applications.

Adaptive Flash combines Nimble’s CASL™ architecture, and InfoSight™, the company’s groundbreaking data sciences-based approach to the storage lifecycle.

  • CASL is a CPU-driven architecture which scales performance and capacity seamlessly and independently. No longer is performance tied to spindle count.
  • CASL coalesces random reads into sequential writes to disk, with up to twice the performance of MLC flash drives.
  • InfoSight leverages the power of deep data analytics to provide customers precise guidance on the optimal approach to scaling flash, CPU, and capacity around changing application needs, while ensuring peak storage health.


SmartSecure Software-Based Encryption, with Demo

Tuesday September 29, 11:00AM PT | 2:00PM ET

This deep-dive investigative session takes a look at Nimble Storage SmartSecure, the new encryption of data at rest technology available with Nimble OS version 2.3.6 and higher.

Delivered live with a combination of presentation and product demonstration, the session provides an understanding of how the feature is implemented, deployed, administered, and managed. Practical insight is provided to cover common use cases and best practices. Equally important, the session will also discuss scenarios to avoid such as losing a passphrase.


Disaster Recovery in the Cloud with Nimble Storage and Virtacore

Thursday October 1, 11:00AM PT | 2:00PM ET

Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash arrays provide comprehensive set of data protection features including off-site data replication to secondary array or to Nimble powered cloud service provider such as Virtacore. Now you can protect you workloads from disasters in an OPEX model without the need to invest in another data center.

Learn more about:

  • Nimble Adaptive Flash arrays provides high-availability and data protection
  • Nimble’s efficient and license-free data replication
  • Building on-premise storage and cloud DR with Nimble Storage and Virtacore
  • Monitoring DR operations across multiple sites
  • Simplify orchestration, testing, and recovery


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