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How We Are Different

Our mission is simple: Give our customers the industry’s most efficient flash storage platform. This mission captures the essence of what we set out to do when we were founded in early 2008 — transform the world of storage. Our mission is based on a few core beliefs.

  • Flash is a disruptive ingredient that can complement low-cost, high-density disks in the design of a storage system that is radically more efficient and flexible. We believed that an intelligent ground-up design would be efficient in leveraging the strengths and avoiding the weaknesses of each media to simultaneously optimize performance and capacity at the lowest possible cost. At the same time, an ideal design would be flexible in being able to address a broad spectrum of workloads, ranging from flash-centric, performance intensive applications to disk-centric, capacity intensive applications — within the same architecture.
  • Modern data protection will evolve towards snapshot based data management for dramatically better application availability. Traditional approaches to data protection rely on making separate copies of data backup systems, resulting in long backup windows and slow recovery times. We believe that a system that can accommodate thousands of application consistent, space-efficient and performance-efficient snapshots, coupled with WAN-optimized replication, could dramatically improve backup and recovery times.
  • Cloud based management and support will transform customers’ operational experience. Traditional approaches to storage management rely on on-premise software to monitor storage infrastructures. Further, a traditional support approach assumes that a customer would call when issues appear within their data centers, at which point a tiered support model would kick in. We believe that with ubiquitous cloud connectivity, we can monitor customer-deployed systems as if they were at the edge of our network. Further, by combining deep data analytics with rich telemetry, it should be possible to predict most support problems before they occur.

We translated these beliefs into a platform that we first introduced in August 2010. Our Adaptive Flash platform comprises two core innovations: CASL™, our flash-optimized file system, and InfoSight™, our cloud-based management software. CASL is industry leading in its ability to leverage flash and disk for the broadest range of workloads, delivering the performance of flash-only arrays while simultaneously scaling to petabyte scale deployments cost-effectively. In addition, CASL delivers best-in-class resilience and application-integrated data protection. InfoSight monitors our customers’ infrastructure on a near real-time basis and averts potential problems before they occur, radically simplifying our customers’ day-to-day operations and improving the health of their infrastructure.

A critical part of delivering on our mission is building our organization. We believe that the culture at Nimble Storage goes beyond what employees experience within the company. Our organizational culture will manifest itself in our interactions with our customers and partners as well. The following are some of the core tenets of our organization:

  • No jerks. We believe that truly aligned teams can achieve far more than a team of superstars that do not collaborate well. To that end, we focus energy on hiring and retaining smart AND collaborative people.
  • Customer referencability is one of our most important and enduring goals. We strive to make every customer a reference customer, whether through our product value proposition, product quality, sales interactions, support interactions, or in the ease of doing business with us.
  • Living our values. We espouse innovation, initiative, communication and listening, accountability, integrity and teamwork as our core values. We recognize that the true measure of how well we do on living our core values is to continually assess our performance through employee feedback and make improvements based on that feedback.

We thank you for taking the time to understand how we are different. We look forward to having you become a member of our community of employees, customers, partners, investors, and well wishers!

Suresh Vasudevan, President and CEO

Video: Transforming the World of Storage (4:34)