Company Profile

Company Profile

Nimble Storage is the technology leader in flash storage solutions.

The Power of One: A Single Storage Consolidation Platform

Most storage architectures were engineered to deliver just a single functional benefit: high performance or high capacity.

The Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash platform is transforming this land of storage silos. Enterprises can use a single architectural approach to cater dynamically to varying workloads’ needs for performance and capacity, as well as data protection.

Only Nimble offers the Power of One: gain the benefits of consolidation, without compromising the ability to deliver the service levels required for specific workloads.

IT organizations that use the Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash platform can predict, manage, and deliver the storage that is required to optimize applications and workloads across the enterprise.

By contrast, competitors’ flash storage offerings are either one-trick ponies or stubborn mules. Both have ravenous appetites.

  • Existing flash-only offerings deliver on raw performance, but are limited in their ability to linearly scale performance with capacity, both up and out. For mainstream enterprise applications that need performance and capacity, they are cost prohibitive. For performance-intensive applications, they are overkill for backup copies, application test and development, and disaster recovery copies. The result: storage silos that are constricted in scale and very costly.
  • Legacy hard disk architectures with flash added on as a tier are inefficient at simultaneously optimizing performance and capacity. They force IT to struggle and add costs to ensure that the right data is in the right tier at the right time. They also require complex data and storage management tools. The results: runaway operating and capital costs, spiraling complexity, and storage silo sprawl.

We change the paradigm. Only Nimble Storage offers customers the performance of flash and the capacity of disk, and ensures the ability to tailor SLAs to individual workloads, all from a single platform.

The Nimble Storage architecture gives enterprises the ability to efficiently scale performance and capacity non-disruptively from small to extremely large environments, and dramatically simplify management of the storage infrastructure. Our customers can realize the full potential of server virtualization, reduce costs, and gain greater business agility and responsiveness.

Strategic IT organizations deploy our platform to:

  • Reduce capital costs and TCO by consolidating storage silos onto a single storage architecture. IT uses fewer resources to meet application service levels, maximizing storage utilization
  • Scale performance and capacity without disruption, using our Scale-to-Fit architecture to scale up and scale out, enabling applications and users to be added on the fly
  • Improve IT productivity by reducing operational complexity and enabling IT to establish and meet SLAs for a multitude of workloads, all on a single system
  • Minimize risk and assure business continuity by providing IT with real-time infrastructure monitoring and proactive alerts to preempt failures before they adversely impact SLAs

The Power of One brings customers unprecedented value.

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Nimble Storage Brings Customers The Efficiency and Confidence to:

  • Optimize enterprise-wide applications and workloads on a single platform
  • Eliminate storage silos and their associated cost, complexity, and risk
  • Have fully integrated data protection, enterprise-grade reliability, and cloud-connected management
  • Scale performance and capacity, independently within a dramatically smaller footprint
  • Achieve cost savings by not wasting staff time and over provisioning SSDs or HDDs
  • Innovate and proactively respond to changing business requirements

Our Rapidly Expanding Customer Base: Enterprises Worldwide Choose Nimble Storage for Greater Efficiency and Confidence

Our customer base is expanding at an extraordinarily high velocity, driven by Global 5000 companies, mid-market enterprises, and cloud service providers moving away from incumbent vendor solutions.

Nimble Storage has over 6,200 customers in 50 countries is of August 2015. In the past 12 months we have added more than 2,460 new customers, and the average deal size has continued to increase. Our Adaptive Flash platform is compelling, our product innovations deliver real business value, and our partnerships support our fast growth.

Customers are flocking to Nimble Storage because their applications, data, and IT operational complexity are growing exponentially. Businesses that want to differentiate themselves and build sustainable growth are under intense pressure to:

  • Rapidly deploy and deliver new business-enabling applications
  • Realize the full efficiency potential of server virtualization by consolidating the storage infrastructure
  • Efficiently safeguard stored data
  • Leverage applications data to make decisions quickly and confidently, empowering employees and serving customers better

Enterprises and cloud service providers are quickly realizing that the value of the Nimble Storage architecture justifies moving away from long-standing incumbent vendor relationships. IT leaders choose Nimble Storage because our Adaptive Flash platform is the only storage solution that provides them with efficiency and confidence to keep pace with change.

Technology alliances are critical to supporting our young company’s rapid growth. Our alliances with industry-leading technology companies enable us to develop and deliver pre-validated SmartStack reference architectures, extending the value of our platform for converged infrastructures. And our award-winning channel sales program enables us to extend our reach to customer segments around the world.

“Partnering with Nimble has enabled us to shift our IT direction from a ‘broad brush’ approach to storage, to a deeper level of architectural granularity. Nimble’s great efficiency and flexibility are allowing us to fulfill the storage requirements of all of our business units in a much more innovative way.”

Fedele Galluzzo
Infrastructure and Operations Manager
Staples Australia Pty Ltd


How We Make It Happen: Our Technology

Our technology leadership is a simple story.

A few core beliefs inform our technology vision. Our vision execution gives customers advantages that make us the technology leader, and our innovations will continue to transform the world of storage.

Our technology vision is based on these beliefs:

  • Flash is a disruptive ingredient that can complement low-cost, high-density disks
  • Modern data protection will evolve towards snapshot-based data management
  • Cloud-connected management and support will simplify customers’ IT operations

We established technology leadership when we translated these beliefs into the Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash platform and its two foundational innovations: our CASL flash-optimized file system and the InfoSight cloud-connected management system, based on deep data analytics.


CASL leads the storage industry in optimizing the broadest range of workloads. It delivers the performance of flash-only arrays and scales cost-effectively to petabyte capacity. CASL also delivers best-in-class resilience and application-integrated data protection.

We engineered CASL as a flash-optimized file system. CASL overcomes disk technology’s I/O limitations by combining 1,000 random I/Os into a single sequential write, effectively increasing drive write performance to that of flash. CASL then caches the hot data to flash, for reading at flash speed.

This efficiency offers an extraordinary scale-to-fit advantage. Because CASL needs as little as 20% of the infrastructure used by HDD hardware to achieve comparable performance, customers can easily scale up or scale out.

InfoSight is a cloud-connected deep-data-analytics engine that radically improves customers’ IT operations. It enables IT administrators to efficiently optimize workloads and deliver SLAs, proactively avert performance problems, monitor data protection, and accurately forecast capacity.

Available instantly from the cloud, InfoSight integrates and automates disparate administrative tasks. An example: Its VM-level monitoring intelligence provides IT with insights at the granularity of each VM, and actionable recommendations on how to address conditions where an application may consume more than its allotted resources.

Our technology vision and execution have made Nimble Storage the technology leader in flash storage solutions. Industry analysts have taken note. In 2014 Nimble Storage was named a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Disk Arrays, for the second consecutive year.* Our extraordinary technology and aggressive vision execution will continue to delight customers.

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Technology Advantages for Customers:

  • Consolidate hybrid and all-flash workloads onto one platform. Independent scaling of performance or capacity and the most efficient use of resources.
  • Get all-flash speed AND scalable capacity. Up to 500K IOPS and sub-millisecond latency, and over 1.6PB of raw capacity and 160TB of flash per 4-node cluster.
  • Increase capacity in less space. Up to 75% reduction in data footprint and up to 10x reduction in rack space.
  • Use 100% of flash to accelerate applications. Competing solutions waste up to 50% of flash capacity for snapshots, RAID overhead, over-provisioning, etc.
  • Keep your infrastructure humming. InfoSight deep data analytics provide the proactive intelligence to maintain peak storage health. At least 90% of problems are proactively detected and at least 80% are resolved automatically.
  • 99.999% proven system availability. Plus best-in-class recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives.
  • Integrated data protection: Hourly snapshots, with months of retention on a single array; WAN-efficient replication for disaster recovery.

How We Do It: Our People & Partnerships


Nimble Storage is extraordinary in its employees and corporate culture, channel partners, and technology alliances. Together we create fast and sustainable growth.


Our employees are committed to our mission, and passionate about the work they do. Nimble Storage has ranked as a Best Place to Work or Top Workplace in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

We are deliberately building the organization that enables Nimble Storage to be the market leader. We ensure that our board of directors, management team, and staff feature trusted leaders and industry innovators.

Our channel partners are integral to Nimble Storage growth, an ecosystem across more than 40 countries. Our award-winning channel partner program enables Nimble Storage to reach and support a broad range of customer segments.

We provide our partners around the world with best-in-class storage solutions and the best-in-class program they need to serve customers. The CRN 2015 Partner Program Guide awarded Nimble Storage a five-star rating, and for the third consecutive year our vice president of global channel sales has been named to the prestigious list of CRN Channel Chiefs.

Nimble Storage attracts alliances with top IT vendors. Our alliances with industry leaders enable us to develop and deliver pre-validated SmartStack reference architectures, extending the value of our platform for converged infrastructures.

For example, Nimble Storage SmartStack solutions combine the Cisco Unified Computing System with Nimble Storage arrays and provisioning. The range of solutions are optimized for server and/or desktop virtualization, business-critical application workloads, and data protection — enabling data center managers to speed application deployments, eliminate deployment risks, and efficiently scale capacity and performance.

Our partnerships with industry-leading vendors add to the extraordinary value we offer customers.

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The Route Ahead

IT executives, functional decision makers and administrators at enterprises and cloud service providers will see Nimble Storage continue to aggressively execute its mission, wielding the following strategies:

  • Deliver the industry’s most efficient flash storage platform, engineered to optimize workloads enterprise-wide
  • Achieve preferred partner status with industry-leading ISVs, to deliver the market’s most advanced converged infrastructure solutions
  • Continue to innovate across the InfoSight engine, and make it the gold-standard IT infrastructure monitoring platform
  • Accelerate our acquisition of enterprise and cloud service provider customers
  • Build an enduring high-performance organization of trusted leaders and industry innovators who are dedicated to serving customers through all stages of the IT lifecycle

We invite you to watch Nimble Storage delight customers with the industry’s most efficient flash storage platform, redefine the world of storage, and become the market leader.



Founded: 2008
Shipped first product: 2010
CEO: Suresh Vasudevan
Founder and VP of Engineering: Varun Mehta
Founder and CTO: Umesh Maheshwari
Headquarters: San Jose, California, USA
Employees: 975+
Customers: 6,200+ in 50 countries
Revenue: USD $228,000,000 (FY 2015)


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Download the Nimble Storage
Company Profile PDF


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Download the Nimble Storage
Corporate Fact Sheet


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