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Reduces code build times 50 percent and development downtime 80 percent.

If membership is a solid indicator of corporate health, Plaxo is flourishing. The originator of the “smart address book” saw individual memberships grow 233 percent in just over four years—from 15 million to 50 million. Today is the world’s leading online address book.

Along with its growth has come greater speed and sophistication in how Plaxo develops new applications for its members, and in how it manages the ever-expanding needs of the development environment. One of its IT challenges was long build times for new applications and the complexity of data storage in its virtualized networking environment.

But that was before it selected the Nimble CS240 converged storage array. Today Plaxo uses two CS240 arrays, replicating data from each one to the other, with the benefits of protecting the company’s vital intellectual property and giving application developers a new tool for maximizing their productivity.


  • Adding high performance primary storage capacity was cost-prohibitive
  • Replication and DR consumed too much disk space
  • Application performance was starting to decline


  • Deploy two Nimble CS240 flash-optimized storage arrays

Immediate Benefits

  • Cost effectively increased storage capacity with no user impact
  • Gained needed data replication capabilities, improved RPO

Long-Term Objectives

  • Move all user home directories to Nimble high-performance storage
  • Place document images and other unstructured data on Nimble’s cost-effective SATA disk layer

“Before Nimble, if we had storage failures, our developers might just as well have sat on their hands while waiting for recovery of, say, 100 gigabits of data from the server. Now, simply recovering from a snapshot, or bringing those developers onto our replicated system, saves the company time and money.”

Ethan Erchinger, VP of Operations Plaxo

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Storing 50 million address books with 3.7 billion contacts, Plaxo reduced it code build times by 50 percent and development downtime by 80 percent by deploying Nimble arrays in its VMware environment.

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