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Dramatic Capacity and Performance Gains

For Graniterock, which literally paves the freeways and airport runways that help bolster American commerce, data storage serves as a source of critical real-time intelligence. Concrete trucks form in a queue that requires precise orchestration to keep things moving on construction of a major freeway overpass or airport runway. That interplay – without fail – requires that data be accessed and transmitted between a storage server and a foreman’s laptop in real time.


  • Five disparate storage systems
  • Spiraling performance degradation
  • Enforced downtime for backups


  • Deploy two Nimble CS240 storage arrays


  • Dramatic performance gains
  • Significant capacity gains
  • Simplified backup
  • Elimination of system downtime

“VMware, our 85 to 90 virtual machines, and Microsoft Exchange — they’re all on our Nimble arrays — and we’re seeing much, much better performance than we had across all the systems that we discarded.”

Ken Schipper, Operations Manager - Graniterock

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In its mission-critical VDI and data recovery environment, Graniterock discovered dramatic capacity and performance gains, simplied backup, and elimination of system downtime—after it converted to Nimble Storage.

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